Thursday, August 1, 2013

Migration to Wordpress!

As some of you may know, we've talked about migrating this site over to Wordpress for years. We think traffic will be higher, it will look much better, and Wordpress' ever-increasing bells and whistles will give us more ways to improve the site experience generally.

Now that I'm feeling better, I was finally able to start this process, and the other Dullbloggers are enthusiastically fixing/updating their posts. Devin just wrote me to say that he was reformatting a bunch of stuff, adding images, etc. This is terribly exciting to me because, as great as HD is, it's only the tippiest-tip of the iceberg. My goal is for us to have the best Beatles fan site on the web—simultaneously a place for seasoned fans to engage in intelligent discussion and discover nooks and crannies of Beatledom that they might enjoy, and a place for newbies to browse and share in this thing we all love. There's a lot of stuff that we currently don't do—like interviews—which a sharp-looking site would make a lot easier.

What makes me think this Beatle-vana is possible is our splendid commentariat, which is why I'm writing to say:
1) Go over and take a look at
2) Is there anything we absolutely should have on the new site? Tell us in the comments section of THIS post.
3) If you like, start commenting over there--comments are so much of this site, and I want to make sure the new setup is easy to use, and really robust. And I want to make sure that we don't lose any comments in the change-over. For example, I've been watching @Karen commenting on the gargantuan Time-Lapse Photography thread; she sourced the John and Paul moped trip. Such a great nugget, @Karen, thank you.

So go check it out. I will be adding this post to the new site momentarily.


Karen said...

your welcome Michael re the moped piece. :)

Te new blog is looking good! Should we just start posting over there instead of here?

By the way, can we get rid of captcha once we're at wordpress? I must be a robot because I never can read the damn thing!

Karen said...

I meant to add--the new site has a "Who am we" tab--was that on purpose or did you mean "who are we?" :)

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the migration! BTW, the link for the time lapse thread needs to be fixed.

Anonymous said...

It's a beautiful site.

I didn't leave a comment over there. But one of my comments (the George 2 words post) somehow migrated over there. I didn't know about the new site until today.

Anyway, it looks wonderful and who knows? Maybe you'll be graced by guest appearances from Ringo and Paul.

- hologram sam

Nancy Carr said...

Hi everyone,

Please go on over to the WordPress site --we're working on moving all the content (including extant comments) there. Visualize a road sign with "Migration in Progress: Expect Some Wobbliness" while you're over there.

I've now pasted all the comments from the "Did Paul Co-Write Mr. Kite" thread into the new site, but couldn't find a way to do it that left people's avatars intact. Shouldn't be an issue with new comments. (And wow, did going through and pasting the old ones in make me even more grateful for the commentariat here, as opposed to RS or -- horrors -- YouTube.)

Karen, I'm sure "Who Am We?" is intentional -- that's a Gerberism if ever I saw one (Michael, I mean that as a compliment). I also noticed that "Rolling Stone is retarded" mysteriously got added as a tag to the "Kite" post :-)

ingrid schorr said...

Yay migration. Let's go, let's go, let's go, let's go, down to Junior's Farm where I wanna lay low. (Just checking to see if anyone is reading.)

A request: could posts on the new site have a byline at the top? I know it will say "posted by" on the home page, but sometimes I click through without noting the author. I like to keep the author in mind as I read the post, especially here where everyone has a distinct POV. Thanks!

Michael Gerber said...

I will try to add that feature, Ingrid. Agree it would be useful; we may have to just type it in, as the template doesn't offer it.